MeMap launched a mobile app today that aims to bring together all of your Facebook friends’ location data from various location-based networks and put it on a single map.

That includes data shared with Facebook and Facebook Connect by third-party location-based social networks like Foursquare, GoWalla, Buzzd and others.

The San Francisco-based startup said the new app puts Facebook on one central app accessible by mobile devices. The app is available only on the iPhone, but the company says an Android app is in the works.

To connect, a user simply downloads the app, logs in via their Facebook login and they can immediately visualize their social network on the map.

MeMap does this by making sense of geo-data from check-ins and Facebook users’ “current cities,” and then plots the data on a real-time map.

It also includes status updates, wall posts and other key Facebook functions.

The company said it is hoping to target any iOS Facebook user interested in seeing their social network in the real world.

“People don’t want to join new networks, and with MeMap they don’t have to,” Matt Farnell, founder of MeMap, told VentureBeat. “As an open network built on top of Facebook Places, MeMap is a powerful aggregation tool at the center of the social networks people already love.”

He said that with no barriers to entry, and offering the ability to visualize the data their friends are already sharing, MeMap returns immediate value for everyone, not just early adopters.

“The 100 million iOS users on Facebook are already signed up,” said Farnell.

The app offers single tap check-ins, but isn’t “always on,” and has privacy features that let users blast all their personal data.

Users who like to compete and earn rewards can also check in to their favorite locations and participate in a scoring system.

The startup said that funding is bootstrapped so far but that it is actively interested in seed rounds to include other location-based social networks, not just from a direct login through Facebook.

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