soundtrackingSoundTracking, a mobile application for telling your friends about the music you’re listening to, has been downloaded more than 100,000 in the two weeks since it launched, according to co-founder and chief executive Steve Jang.

Users identify the song that they’re listening to, either by searching for it in the app, using the app to identify what’s playing at their location (SoundTracking licenses this technology from GraceNote), or by pulling this information from their iPod app. Then users can share the title, along with a song snippet, a photo, a comment, and their location, on SoundTracking and other social networking services.

Music apps like Pandora have been adding social features too. But Jang said SoundTracking is unique because the app was built to be intrinsically social, rather than just adding Facebook integration later on.

This isn’t Jang’s first music startup — he previously served as chief marketing officer at Imeem, the social music service acquired and shut down by Myspace. When Jang told me about the app, he described it as a way to share the “soundtrack of your life,” but he also noted that different people use SoundTracking in different ways. Some users are more personal, sharing lots of information with every song, while others just want to let their friends know what they’re listening to, so they share more music and less personal information.

For now, Jang said his company Schematic Labs is focused on creating new versions of SoundTracking, including an app for Android (right now SoundTracking only works on devices with Apple’s iOS operating system), but eventually he wants to create more apps connecting real-world experiences to the Web, for example in fitness.

Oh, as for the download number, 100,000 downloads in two weeks is pretty impressive, although it doesn’t quite match the 150,000 downloads that saw in two weeks when it launched its Socialcam video app at around the same time.

The San Francisco startup has raised seed funding from True Ventures, Google Ventures, AOL Ventures, Square chief operating officer Keith Rabois, and other angel investors.

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