FlirtomaticFlirtomatic, the mobile flirting network with over 4 million members, launched a new iPhone app today that uses GPS and Google Maps to let members time-travel to flirt with others by location.

Flirtomatic’s app, which had connected members on the basis of preferences, interests, location and other information stored in their profiles, now includes a location feature and allows members to search for, and connect with, people who’ve been or will be in the same location at another time. For example, a user could reconnect with a college crush by setting their hometown as a past location, or could meet new people in the country they will be traveling to in the upcoming weeks.

The new app also includes tools to help customers improve their flirting abilities. A dashboard has real-time updates, notifications, and daily messaging trends, and allows members to see when their favorite friends are online. Members can also share feed updates on Twitter and Facebook and can check their own flirting stats with a new analytics tool.

Online flirting is a hot space, with flirting and dating companies such as showing real success with users and revenue. recorded 100 million registered users and predicts revenue of over $50M in 2011. Flirtomatic has out-competed companies such as eHarmony and in the mobile flirting space and has raised $9M in VC funding.