moolah media mobile redirect

People are doing more and more Web browsing on smartphones, and that’s a problem for online advertisers, according to mobile ad network Moolah Media — a problem that the company is tackling with its new “mobile redirect” advertising.

The San Francisco startup estimates that 10 to 18 percent of clicks on email advertising, as well as 2 to 8 percent of clicks on display ads, come from mobile devices. However, many of those ads point to web pages that aren’t optimized for phones. Those ads might present users with a form that’s too complicated to fill out on a mobile keyboard, or they might include Flash content (which doesn’t work on Apple devices), and so on.

And there’s a big cost to those lost opportunities, says Moolah chief executive Shawn Scheuer, who claimed that more than a billion dollars are lost annually because smartphone users are directed to PC-formatted ads.

Moolah says its new ad unit solves the problem by detecting the device that’s viewing the ad. If the ad is being viewed on a smartphone, it will redirect clicks to a smartphone-optimized page. It sounds pretty simple, especially if, like me, you’ve already seen a fair amount of mobile-optimized web pages and ads. But Scheuer told me it’s still not a widespread practice, especially in the performance-based ad world (where advertisers pay for actions, such as clicking on the ad or filling out a form, rather than impressions):

In theory this is something that the advertiser/website owner could do. A lot of content websites have created mobile pages. Showing content and monetizing mobile traffic are completely different things.

Moreover, lead generators don’t necessarily have the knowledge or systems to be effective in mobile. Many lead generators take all their leads from web forms, but have no experience with call centers. We provide the offers and the platform to make them effective (real time reporting, device optimization, etc). In many instances we are creating the mobile offer for the advertiser and using other advertisers/third parties for offer fulfillment.

Moolah Media launched last November and is self-funded.

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