Only 18,000 new payrolls were added in the month of June. Mobile jobs, however, seem to be escaping the doom and gloom.

The mobile industry continues to skid around unemployment. There were plenty of jobs for Android, iPhone and HTML5 developers, according to a report by That’s further proof that mobile is becoming a necessary part of the lives of both consumers and businesses.

Android developers had the easiest time finding new jobs, with employment growing to 1,702 employed developers — up 20 percent from 1,419 in the first quarter this year. They beat out Apple’s iPhone, where employment only rose 9 percent. While there are significantly more iPhone developers, now 2985, estimates that if Android continues to grow this quickly it will surpass iPhone jobs by 2012.

Jobs did not just surface in the smart phone category. The number of jobs for iPad developers rose by 11 percent.

The number of employed developers working with HTML5 — which is seen as a successor to Flash, one of the largest programming infrastructures on the web — rose by a whopping 34 percent in the second quarter. That’s because there’s continued debate between on whether HTML5-powered mobile web apps will dominate over native apps — like those on the Apple App Store.

Jobs for Flash developers fell 10 percent. HTML5 won where Flash lost and is receiving further hype after Arcade Fire’s win at the Cannes Lions. Their video, The Wilderness Down, uses HTML5 to integrate a running man and your personal location of choice.

As to be expected, however, Blackberry developer jobs fell. There were 497 BlackBerry operating system developers employed in the second quarter this year, down from 526 in the first quarter.

The overall mobile industry is on the ups projected to reach $1.3 trillion in revenue this year, with the US leading in financial gains.

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