Dynamics, the big winner in the 2010 DEMOfall conference, revealed today some of the big-name investors who helped the payments company raise more than $40 million in two funding rounds.

Dynamics has created a series of smart credit cards with electronics built into the plastic, but those cards also have traditional mag stripes that can be read by standard card readers. This clever combination allows Dynamics to make versatile cards for credit card issuers who don’t want to rip out 40 years of infrastructure at retail merchants.

The company raised $35 million in a funding two weeks ago, but it didn’t reveal who invested at the time. Today, the company said its angels include:

Joseph “Rod” Canion – founder and chief executive, Compaq Computer (1982-1991)
Michael Holthouse – founder of Paranet, an information technologies company that he sold to Sprint in 1997 for $425 million. He is also founder of Prepared 4 Life, creator of educational initiative Lemonade Day
Jack M. Gill – founder and managing member, Vanguard Ventures
Leo Linbeck III – president and CEO of Aquinas Companies
Thomas Mullen – president and CEO, Mercy Health Services
Joseph Pinkerton – founder and CEO, Clean Energy Labs
Arthur Ciocca – chairman, The Wine Group, the third largest wine company in the United States by sales and volume
Sean McDonald – president and CEO, Precision Therapeutics (sold to McKesson for $65 million)
Nancy Chang – founder and CEO, Tanox, which was acquired by Genentech in 2007 for $919 million
Terry Giles – founder of Landmark Education Enterprises
Kristopher Brown – partner, Dechert LLP
Richard Inz – assistant general counsel, Purdue Pharma
Alan Gordon – corporate counsel, Profectus BioSciences
David Lambeth –professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeff Mullen, CEO of Dynamics, said in an interview that the caliber of the angel investors is a testament to the strength of Dynamics’ opportunity.

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