HotLinkVirtualization company Hotlink emerged out of stealth mode yesterday to more efficiently manage virtual machines in data centers. The product earned the company $10 million in financing from Foundation Capital.

Data center virtualization poses one problem: different virtualization products, or hypervisors, are incompatible. They require separate management systems that become cumbersome to control.

Hotlink’s SuperVisor is a single management system where hypervisors can play together without conflicts.

In order to understand SuperVisor, you must first know hypervisors. Hypervisors allow different applications to run on one server. (It’s a little bit like the software on your laptop that allows different applications, or even operating systems, to run on one physical screen.) But various hypervisors cannot work together. For example, hypervisors such as VMware’s vSphere cannot run with Citrix’s XenServer or Microsoft’s Hyper-V, and each one is controlled through its own branded management software.

“What’s happened in the past is, if you were running a VMware hypervisor, you had to use VMware’s management software in order to manage that hypervisor,” Lynn LeBlanc, chief executive of HotLink, explained to VentureBeat. “If you were going to use Microsoft’s hypervisor, you had to run their management software. You couldn’t mix them.”

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SuperVisor was built specifically for VMware’s vCenter (the management system for vSphere) users. Managers using vCenter can also integrate virtualization from a variety of other virtualization products.

But aside from more easily managing your virtualization, it also saves money by eliminating the extra workforce necessary to run multiple management systems.

LeBlanc doesn’t see competitors entering the space anytime soon, however. Companies have tried to lay management over the top of these hypervisors, but SuperVisor was built from the bottom up. And if the company’s patent on this technology is approved, it will be even more difficult for competitors to duplicate its features.

In addition to this product launch, HotLink also received its first round of funding for $10 million led by Foundation Capital. The funding will be used to hire, expanding its employee count from, 18 to 25.

Also in the works is a new product that allows customers to manage on-premise servers in conjunction with cloud servers, such as Amazon’s servers.

The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale Calif. Investors in Hotlink include Foundation Capital and Leapfrog Ventures.