Developers these days are fascinated by Node, as we recently reaffirmed with a blockbuster post on how LinkedIn used Node to make its new mobile apps.

Our written interview with LinkedIn’s mobile development chief did so well that we thought we’d record a video interview with a true Node expert: Tom Hughes-Croucher, a Joyent employee who’s writing an upcoming O’Reilly book on getting started with Node.

Joyent employs several Node-focused employees, including Node.js creator Ryan Dahl. The company, said Hughes-Croucher, is sponsoring the development of this open-source technology, and it’s providing enterprise-level support for the companies that want to integrate it with a robust safety net.

In the interview, we talk about Node in the enterprise, Node’s performance benefits, where Node falls flat and a great deal more. The one thing we didn’t get time to talk about is Hughes-Croucher’s book, so be sure to pre-order your copy. You can also peruse preview chapters online free of charge.

On another note, you may notice that we’ve been doing a bit more video posting lately. Being in the heart of the Bay Area, we’ve got access to tons of great developers, web designers, UX folks, entrepreneurs, investors and more; and we’re doing our best to wrangle them into the VentureBeat studio on a regular basis. What kinds of people should we be interviewing next? Who would you most like to hear from? Give us some suggestions in the comments, and thanks for watching.

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