Cakehealth, an online health care expense management service, launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 conference in San Francisco. The company was selected as a finalist at Disrupt’s startup competition today.

Users log into Cakehealth using their insurance company’s login information and the site automatically downloads all the associated data with a health care plan. That includes information about deductibles, co-pays and reminders — such as picking up new prescriptions and getting regular teeth cleaning.

“You select your insurance company, enter your log in, and cake health takes care of the rest,” Cakehealth co-founder Rebecca Woodcock said. “It’s compatible with all major health insurance industries and dynamically updates when you meet deductibles.”

You can also take a photo of insurance bills with an iPhone or other cameras and upload it directly from a phone or by emailing it. Cakehealth scans the bill and gives users a number of options like confirming that it is covered by the plan and paying for it immediately through the service. The iPhone application also includes health care account data, so it replaces a health insurance card.

Cakehealth also has a recommendation engine for health care plans. The company tracks health care usage and gives suggestions about health care plans when enrollment opens if they can save money.

The company launched in January earlier this year and has raised an undisclosed amount of funding. It is based in San Francisco, Calif.