Touch technology company Immersion announcing today that its newest touch feedback technology is being used in Fujitsu’s new F-12C smartphone.

The phone is the first publicly available handset to use Immersion’s Motiv Integrator and its TouchSense 3000 embedded control software. San Jose, Calif.-based Immersion has patented the technology and provides it to phone makers such as Fujitsu for a license fee. Immersion launched Motiv Integrator earlier this year.

The deal will help Immersion make headway in its quest to give us more tactile feedback when it comes to controlling sensitive devices with our fingers. With the touch feedback, Immersion argues that controlling mobile gadgets is much more intuitive. And that’s part of a larger goal to make gadgets more human-friendly.

With Immersion’s new technology, phone makers can create more customized and personalized experiences for mobile users, said Dennis Sheehan, Immersion’s vice president of marketing. The Immersion software development kit makes it a lot easier for device makers to add haptics, or touch feedback, to their devices.

Immersion was founded in 1993 and its touch technology is already used in more than 200 million phones. But the Motiv technology is aimed at expanding that through a simpler integration process. Immersion has 1,200 patents on touch technology.