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Everyone knows that the days of hoping to reach the majority of customers with a TV commercial during prime-time are long gone.

With the advent of social media and SMS texts, marketers across every industry are now embarking on a new journey – one that uses ever-expanding channels of communication to win attention from distracted, multitasking consumers.

Marketers used to hope for a half-percent response rate from email or online banner campaigns. But reaching everyone while they are online is also a thing of the past. People are always on the go. Millenials would rather text than talk. Baby boomers still love email. Some others can’t get off the phone. And it seems that more and more people are becoming social media junkies.

The ability to master multi-channel marketing is becoming increasingly vital for companies that are determined to be lead players in the new economy, according to global management consultancy McKinsey & Company. McKinsey indicates that within two to three years, over 50 percent of customers – and typically the highest value customers – will be using multiple channels for shopping and purchasing.

The new rules of marketing now require brands to reach out to people through their “preferred” communication channel and orchestrate a coordinated marketing campaign. The new marketing discipline is taking a sharp new turn at breakneck speed and professional marketers are working hard to keep up.

As many agree, conducting a well-orchestrated campaign across multiple marketing channels has always been the secret to success when it comes to generating demand, building a brand and boosting revenues.

Unfortunately, tools like Facebook, Twitter, mobile text marketing, IM, email and even voice messaging have made the marketing mix increasingly fragmented. As each element of the mix became available over time, marketers started to implement each one of these in a piece meal fashion. They forgot how important it is to create an integrated, cross-channel messaging strategy.

That is why Trumpia created an innovative All-In-One Marketing platform that businesses can use to orchestrate new media campaigns. Instead of managing and paying for solutions from multiple vendors, marketers can use Trumpia to integrate SMS and MMS text, email, IM, voice broadcast and social media into a single user interface, campaign and database. Trumpia provides a competitive advantage because it offers a highly effective and affordable way to unleash true cross-channel marketing strategies.

Most importantly, with new media orchestration, businesses can enjoy open rates of more than 90 percent and response rates that are 10 times greater than those of traditional advertising, direct mail and email campaigns. This media orchestration, or cross-channel marketing, for which Trumpia is specifically designed, delivers dual benefits. It allows marketers to reach 100 percent of their audience via diverse channels and raise consumer awareness for their brands or promotional messages via multiple touch points, albeit repeating messages in various formats and time frames.

Companies have always coordinated their traditional media campaigns. But the multitude of communication channels that now exist make it challenging for small businesses to efficiently launch integrated new media campaigns. Now by using Trumpia, even smaller businesses can achieve the same results as companies with million-dollar advertising budgets. For a monthly price that is comparable to the cost of other ordinary single-channel campaign services, Trumpia elevates marketing to reach everyone on all popular channels including mobile SMS text, MMS, email, voice, IM, Facebook and Twitter. Simply put, Trumpia delivers All-in-One value for an All-in-One price.

By stepping up from single-channel campaigns, businesses can turn leads into sales conversions more easily and quickly than ever before.

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