If you’re a publisher dreaming of getting your content on the Pulse news reader app, today’s your lucky day.

Alphonso Labs, the company behind Pulse, is announcing Pulse Connect, a way to submit your site to Pulse’s catalog in three easy steps.

While it appears to be just a simple web form, Pulse Connect also gives you a glimpse of what your site will look like inside the Pulse app. That helps you detect any potential problems with your site’s feed so you can inform Pulse as they’re reviewing your submission.

The company says it will let publishers know within two weeks if their site is accepted into the catalog.

Pulse already has 200 content partners in its apps (including VentureBeat), but the company will likely see that number explode over the coming months. The company currently has apps available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and most recently, Windows Phone.

Publishers are eager to jump onto Pulse, co-founder Akshay Kothari told me during a recent trip to New York City. That’s particularly interesting, since the company raised a bit of controversy with the New York Times when it first debuted. Kothari also mentioned that the company is seeing a lot of interest in getting ads in its app, and it’s currently exploring ways to do that without ruining the app’s gorgeous aesthetic.