cloudwordsCloud translation startup Cloudwords has signed major productivity software provider GlobalEnglish to greatly expand the reach of its cloud translation network and bring its services to some of the world’s biggest brands, the company announced today.

Cloudwords helps more than 60 small to mid-size companies expand their global presence by finding them a translation service that best matches their needs. It provides lists of partnering translators who will translate various kinds of content, including websites, marketing materials and customer requests. Cloudwords customers are currently translating their content into more than 100 languages across 50 countries.

Having GlobalEnglish as a customer is big win for Cloudwords, and it will be one of its biggest clients alongside LivingSocial and SuccessFactors. GlobalEnglish serves more than 500 clients around the globe including Cisco and Citigroup with the aim of helping big businesses better communicate in English. It uses a variety of products, including on-demand-support-manager Edge and collaboration-platform-with-translation-assistance Bloom, to train and make business flow faster by making everyone speak the same language. With Cloudwords as a partner, GlobalEnglish has even further reach.

“From the moment we engaged with Cloudwords to assist with our corporate communications translation needs, we saw how its innovative solution delivered the time and cost savings we were looking for,” GlobalEnglish President Tom Kahl said in a statement. “With Cloudwords, we are driving better efficiencies in communicating to our own customers in their native languages.”

San Francisco-based Cloudwords was launched in mid-February and thus far has raised $3 million in funding from individuals including CEO Marc Benioff, founding Salesforce CTO Dave Moellenhoff, current Salesforce CTO Craig Weissman, and Todd McKinnon, the CEO of Okta.

A short video explaining Cloudwords’ service can be viewed below: