’s social productivity service has moved out of beta and into general availability for anyone who wants to give it a spin.

When debuted in early November in limited beta, the company gave VentureBeat 200 invites, and I know several readers were dismayed that they couldn’t procure one. Now, those looking to add a social element to task management can sign up here.

The service is based on popular social productivity app Manymoon, an app Salesforce acquired back in February. It has a simple interface and intelligent HTML5 deployment, but it’s also built with Salesforce’s emphasis on accessibility and security. It was built on top of Heroku’s cloud app platform, offers an open API for developers and has received input from some of Salesforce’s brightest team members. Plus, it offers e-mail task management and interacts with Google Apps, Salesforce and Dropbox to make tasks jibe with tools your team already knows.

At present, the app is completely free, but it will add paid features next year. Salesforce Senior VP Sean Whiteley told me in November that premium features might include adding new fields and deeper administration tools. has also posted a quirky video heavily inspired by Alexander Payne’s Election that explains more about what it can do: