Generally speaking, I like traveling and usually don’t mind not having super reliable access to the Internet while waiting for flights. This, of course, is the complete opposite if it’s a business-related trip and I’m having to work from afar.

It stands to reason that when I travel for work, I either breathe a sigh of relief or roll my eyes in frustration when I see the itinerary for work trips showing which airports and airlines I’ll be in and on.

If you do require constant Internet access, it helps to know what the best options are in terms of airlines and connecting airport locations. West Coast business folks who are traveling to the other side of the country would do well to pick a Virgin America flight and connect through Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham or Charlotte (with free WiFi that gets 14Mbps download speeds) if possible. However, I tend to grab the least-connected flight paths. I live in Nashville, Tenn. and connect through Dallas-Fort Worth when traveling to the West Coast. If my flight is through Southwest or United Airlines, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t have reliable Internet until I reach my destination.

For more information about the most connected airports and airlines in the U.S., check out the useful infographic below. (Click image to enlarge.)

[Infographic via OnlineMBA News]