Mobile Threat Tracker Mobile security company Lookout Mobile released a new app today to show just how many mobile threats exist.

The app, called Mobile Threat Tracker, opens up to a view of the earth, shadowed like nighttime. A glow across the globe suggests Lookout Mobile users. It shows attacks in real time as Lookout Mobile’s security application detects and deflects them. This is then translated into what seems like a shooting star. You can travel around the globe by swiping your finger side to side to see attacks in progress. You can also look at analysis for the week on the top three threats and see what kind of threats those were. For instance, this week mobile users saw 60 percent more malware attacks than spyware attacks, including the attacks RuPaidMarket, Legacy, and DepositMobi.

Lookout Mobile creates antivirus software for both iPhones and Android smartphones, the latter of which bear the brunt of mobile malware attacks. Recently, the company created its Lookout Labs division to create more mobile products, separate from its antivirus arm. These mobile products serve the company by showing just how prevalent threats are. Its Carrier IQ app, for example, helps people detect whether spying software is on their phones.

One of the developers in the division, who just goes by Yuri, came up with the idea for Mobile Threat Tracker as a way to answer questions Lookout frequently hears from users like, “Are there really mobile threats?” or “What are the most common mobile threats?”

“I thought it would be interesting to build an application showing the many threats that Lookout detects across the world, telling the story of these individual users at a macro level,” he said.

Lookout recently reveled its top mobile threat predictions for 2012. Smartphone users should be looking out for more SMS fraud, which comes through an infected application and charges you money based on sent text messages. Also in the mix are malicious advertising links in applications and mobile botnets. Indeed, Lookout predicts that a smartphone user has a 30 percent chance of clicking a malicious link over a year.

Currently, Mobile Threat Tracker is only available on Android. You can download the free app here.