Mobile SummitVentureBeat is proud to announce our second annual Mobile Summit, where we are once again inviting 180 top mobile executives, investors, and policymakers to discuss five significant issues facing the mobile industry.

The event will be held at the beautiful Cavallo Point Resort (just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) on April 2-3. The Mobile Summit is an invitation only event, but you can request an invite here.

We decided to host the Mobile Summit last year after realizing that there aren’t many places for mobile leaders to sit down and have a conversation. There are plenty of mobile conferences out there, including our own annual MobileBeat conference, but those events can often be crowded, and don’t allow for the same sort of intimate discussions that our Mobile Summit fosters.

This year we’re discussing five new issues facing the industry:

1. Platform Wars: Size matters, but what else will dictate who wins among iOS, Android, Amazon and Microsoft?
Four titans, iOS, Android, Amazon and Microsoft, are now duking it out on the global stage to become the biggest mobile “platform” upon which users — and the mobile industry — will standardize. But what will really determine the winner?

2. The mobile shopping revolution: Where billions can be made with location, targeting, and the mobile web.
The adoption of mobile commerce is poised to create a massive, multi-billion dollar opportunity. With smartphones becoming smart wallets, as well as instant research tools that are able to communicate specific tastes anywhere people go, what technologies and what companies will help improve the way people discover and pay for items? Who will be the biggest winners from this trend?

3. Mobile disruption of the enterprise: What are the new types of apps and services that will spur productivity and competitiveness?
Employees are choosing to bring their own devices to work — iPhones, iPads, Android phones and more — and enterprises are using the cloud to adapt. Given the new enterprise cloud, what are the next disruptive apps or services that will dramatically improve productivity and competitiveness?

4. The media revolution: What forms of content will survive and thrive in mobile?
With mobile devices evolving in 2012, and millions of new consumers buying them, who are the most successful publishers of new mobile media, what are the factors driving their success, and what is the impact of that success on the mobile industry?

5. User Acquisition in 2012: What lessons will the mobile gaming industry show the rest of us?
In terms of models of user acquisition, the games industry has led the way. What are the next steps game companies must make to stay compelling and innovative on user acquisition strategies (advertising, offers, etc.) now that better broadband, better OS’s, better interfaces, and better devices (including tablets) have arrived. What can the rest of us learn from that?

Just as we did last year, we plan to take the results of conversations from the Mobile Summit and make them an integral part of our MobileBeat conference, which will be held together with our GamesBeat conference taking place July 10-11.

We already have some great participants lined up for this year’s Mobile Summit, including Jason Spero, Google’s head of mobile; Mihir Shah, President and CEO of TapJoy; Jim Goetz, General Partner at Sequoia Capital; and Simon Khalaf, President and CEO of Flurry.