An SEC filing from March 14 reveals that Jim Barton, co-founder, chief technical officer, and senior vice president of TV recording service TiVo has resigned.

The resignation became final on Saturday March 16, though TiVo hasn’t officially released a statement on the news. Tom Rogers, TiVo chief executive officer, issued a statement to saying, “We are extremely grateful to Jim for his years of dedication and his commitment to innovation that he has provided to TiVo since its founding. We are pleased that he will remain on in an advisory capacity and look forward to working with him in this new capacity in the future.”

TiVo spokesperson Jessica Loebig Monney was also quoted saying that, “Jim is headed off to pursue his next ‘big idea,'” so perhaps he’s got something in the works.

Barton will become a consultant for the DVR company, receiving $25,000 per month for his services, according to the SEC filing.

Barton and co-founder Mike Ramsey incorporated TiVo in 1997 after launching at DEMO. A year later, trials of the service began in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the service officially launched to the public at the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show.

TiVo gained a lot of popularity in the early 2000s for its digital video recording (DVR) set-top boxes. TV viewers could record TV shows to watch later and fast forward through commercials. TiVo built its own software that will also record shows it thinks the viewer may enjoy. The original TiVo DVR digitized and compressed video from antenna, cable, and satellite broadcasts. The company later released a DVR that worked exclusively with satellite provider DirecTV, called the DirecTiVo.

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