Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot $500

With out-of-state hopefuls flocking to California to purchase tickets for tomorrow’s half-a-billion MEGA Millions Lottery Jackpot, lines have been building up throughout the week. Some shops have reported wait times of over three hours. However, California residents looking to throw their name in the hat for the record-breaking jackpot won’t even need to leave the comfort of their home thanks to LottoGopher is the only legal and secure online site that handles ticket orders, even offering services for office pools, where friends and co-workers can combine forces to increase their chances of winning the largest MEGA Millions jackpot in the history of the universe (that we know of).

In an official statement sent to VentureBeat, LottoGopher describes itself as a “unique concierge service that travels to the store to both purchase tickets and redeem the winnings on behalf of users. Winning player accounts are then funded with 100% of their prize money. LottoGopher keeps no portion of the prizes, large or small.” LottoGopher users remain the legal owners of any lottery tickets ordered, and a “sophisticated system tracks orders, ticket transportation and a secure storage vault.”

Mega Millions Jackpot LottoGopherIf you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how LottoGopher benefits from this service. “LottoGopher operates like the Netflix for lottery,” LottoGopher CEO James Morel told VentureBeat. “For a $12 monthly membership fee, our users get access to all of the features on the site and can order tickets for the same $1 price as the store.” A free trial is available for anyone who just wants to make a one-time transaction … such as when there might be a $500M jackpot.

However you decide to procure your ticket(s), good luck tomorrow!