Goodsie is a drop dead simple service for setting up a stlylish e-commerce site. Since it launched, says founder and CEO Jonathan Marcus, the service has signed up 1,200 sellers, each paying $15 a month. And it’s growing at 20 percent each month. Today it introduced a suite of premium features: email marketing, real time sales analytics, and mobile optimization.

“We cut out the whole complex content management system when it comes to making a great online shop and replaced it with drag and drop” Marcus told VentureBeat by phone. “So in the same way, we are hoping to cut out spreadsheets and third-party tools for people who want to scale up their sales. They will find everything they need in one place.”

Merchants can design an email campaign using a drag and drop interface that integrates with Goodsie’s backend. The real time sales analytics show who the best customers are and which products are producing the best profit margins. They also show sellers where consumers are coming from, both in terms of geography and online referrals like Facebook and Twitter.

The premium package is going for $40 a month. Goodsie raised angel financing last year from folks like Path’s Dave Morin and Techstars’ Dave Tisch. Marcus says the company’s cash flow is sufficient right now to continue to grow. “We’ve gotten by so far without doing a ton of marketing, so once we see how these new features work, expect us to ramp things up in the middle of this year.”