Inventory management company Stitch Labs now integrates with shopping cart service BigCommerce

Inventory management is a boring term for what is actually the central question of any small business: How much stuff do I have left to sell, and where the @$%& is it?

Stitch Labs, an inventory management tool for small businesses like crafters and T-shirt printers, now integrates with BigCommerce, an e-commerce system for selling stuff, making it easier to answer that critical question.

What that means is that if you sell your goods through BigCommerce (which lets you list items for sale on Etsy as well as Facebook, the web, and mobile devices), whenever an order comes in, it will automatically show up in the Stitch dashboard, updating your inventory counts.

The integration works in multiple directions, so if you’re selling on Etsy and BigCommerce, an order placed on Etsy will also be reflected in your BigCommerce console as well as in Stitch.

BigCommerce powers 25,000 storefronts, so this adds a good number of potential customers to Stitch’s audience. The company had already completed an earlier integration with Shopify, and Stitch launched in November, 2011 with support for Etsy sellers.

Stitch was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. It raised a $1 million seed round from True Ventures in February, 2012. See below for a couple of screenshots illustrating what it looks like.

Stitch Labs' dashboard shows inventory levels, past due orders, and the like

Stitch Labs produces graphs to show inventory and sales

Announcement from Stitch Labs: Stitch now integrates with BigCommerce

Photo: Shopping carts by code poet/Flickr