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Many people have pre-IPO stock, but don’t know they can sell it before their company goes public. Depending upon the restrictions in the stock agreement, employees can often sell their stock. Companies like SharesPost Financial Corporation are helping sellers sell their shares and access liquidity with confidence.

SharesPost Financial Corporation is a registered broker dealer that gives pre-IPO shareholders the access they need to sell their shares on the dynamic secondary market.

Founded in 2009, SharesPost is a market for today’s fastest-growing companies. SharesPost offers shareholders the largest network of investors to access liquidity.

Previously if a shareholder wanted to sell their shares before an IPO they had to approach their company management, find the investor(s), negotiate the price, and handle all the paperwork. Today, SharesPost Financial Corporation helps shareholders by providing information about the most recently traded share price, gain access to thousands of pre-qualified buyers, read research from top research firms, and utilize professional support from a private client specialist who will manage the process all along the way.

SharesPost is working to bring greater transparency, efficiency, flexibility, and control to the process of selling shares in the private capital market.

If you’d like to join the more then 100,000 SharePost members in the potential exceptional growth of the pre-IPO economy sign up for free or learn more at

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