In a show of surprising innovation, Yahoo has added a helpful new folder to its popular webmail service that shows users all of their sent and received photos, the company announced today in a blog post.

“Yahoo Mail makes it super simple to find and share those treasures with our new Photos app,” the company writes. “The Photos app aggregates all of the photos in your inbox that you’ve ever sent or received during the entire life of your email account. You can see thumbnails of all the photos and filter by date, sender, folder, and size.”

Yahoo Mail has more than 300 million users worldwide, so the company clearly has a reason to continue innovating and creating new solutions for its mail product as it kills other services. The new photos folder (I refuse to call this an app) sits alongside the Flickr folder and your other folders tied to your Inbox on the left-hand side of your e-mail box.

This actually looks like a smart addition to the service and one that has not been seen with “e-mail cool kid” Gmail. I can easily imagine average users who send and receive pictures of family enjoying the ability to see all of their e-mail-based photos in one place.

Take a look at Yahoo’s overly enthusiastic video below for more on the photo folder addition:

Photo: Yahoo