Photos are a massive part of the Facebook experience. Every day, users upload 250 million photos to Facebook. And photo status updates typically get far more engagement than any other type of post.

So why does the Facebook photo posting experience suck so much?

I compared posting a photo on Facebook to posting a photo on Google+ just this morning. The difference is frankly startling. There’s a reason Google+ is hot with photographers, and it’s not just because of the full-screen image viewing experience that Facebook recently copied.

Uploading is just easier on Google+.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof: six clicks versus one.

The Facebook image uploading experience would be familiar to internet users of the 1990s — it takes little advantage of modern browsers and modern technology, beyond an upload progress bar.

Google+ is simple: drag your file, drop it, click post.

In contrast, Facebook takes at least six clicks — and that’s assuming you don’t have to do a lot of searching on your PC to find the image file you’re trying to upload.

First, you have to select what kind of media you’re going to upload. (Seriously? You’re telling me the server can’t figure that out from the file?)

Then you have to click to open a dialog box and navigate a directory. In the age of iOS and directory-less apps that just magically have access to any files they need, this seems more than a little antique.

You then navigate that file directory to find your image, select it, and click Choose (or the PC equivalent, Open). If you’re a power user, you can save one whole mouse click by double-clicking the file you want and dismissing the dialog box in one fell swoop.

And finally, of course, you click Post.

That final click is the only one that Google+ requires. Drag, drop, Share. It’s hard to be simpler:

About four percent of the world’s entire trove of photography now resides on Facebook. At 250 million photos a day, that percentage is growing higher by the minute.

Shouldn’t the world’s most important photo-sharing site also have the world’s best photo uploading technology?

I think so.

Image credit: ShutterStock