Social fashion site Chicismo officially launched today and announced it has raised $800,000 in initial investment.

Chicismo is an online community of style mavens, designers, and brands who come together to share what they’re wearing. The site creates a game-like experience by offering “Flowers” as virtual rewards. It also enables brands to reinforce their biggest fans by designating them “Top Fashionista” and awarding them brand-specific flowers.

Like many other style sites, users can post personal photos, browse through other users’ outfits, “like” items that appeal to them, and create sets of looks to capture trends. What distinguishes the company is the gaming element, which not only encourages engagement, but also gives brands the opportunity to interact with customers. Chicismo’s platform allows apparel companies to see what people are actually wearing, as opposed to buying.

By applying a Foursquare-like reinforcement system to the fashion space, Chicismo expects to attract user involvement over other style sites like Pose, Fashism, and Chictopia that primarily focus on social feedback and intrinsic motivation. Additionally, Chicismo provides marketing opportunities for brands, as well as data on how consumers interact with products.

The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Spain. It currently has five employees.