Every incubator has a formula, and most of those formulas involve throwing “spaghetti” of some kind against the proverbial wall to find out what will stick.

Trouble is, most of the time, the entrepreneurs are the spaghetti themselves. And if they don’t “stick,” they’re tossed out in the snow.

But YouWeb has a very different approach, one that places a lot of value on the individual — not the team, not the idea, not the proto-company.

At MobileBeat 2012, we got to chat with YouWeb founder Peter Relan about his incubator’s approach. Relan is a serial entrepreneur, and he believes that each founder or founder-to-be carries something special that can make for a successful startup. Check out the interview above, and stay tuned for more video from MobileBeat.

YouWeb was a sponsor for MobileBeat 2012.