Instead of propping up sheet music on a stand, Tonara’s unique iPad sets musical scores flowing  melodiously across the screen so musicians do not have to disrupt their playing to turn pages. Today, the company announced raising $4 million in a first round of financing led by Carmel Ventures and a strategic partnership music publisher Hal Leonard.

Tonara nurtures the musical process by automatically turning pages and following a musician’s progress through a piece. The technology “listens to you”, so pianists never have to find themselves lost in Moonlit Sonata and violinists can stay oriented in The Four Seasons.

The app also provides real-time tempo feedback and the ability to record and share performances. What was formerly a distinctly offline ritual (the memory of my mother hollering at me to go practice my trumpet comes to mind) is an increasingly interactive and engaging experience. Metronomes, recording equipment, sheet music books, and all the other accoutrements of musical instruments are streamlined into one easy to use app.

With this recent infusion of money, the company will continue to develop technology that helps musicians, as well as forge more relationships with music publishers and ramp up its marketing efforts. It is based in New York and was launched in 2011.

Now if only Tonara could imbue users with musical talent (or overcome tone deafness), I’d be well on my way to the symphony stage.