FatFractal launched today as a mobile development platform-cum-backend, a cloud-based stack for your —

HEY! You in the back! Stifle that yawn, mister. These guys say they’re different.

I know, I know — they all say they’re different. It seems these days that not a week rolls by without some new, buzzword-tricked-out development platform launching, usually cloud-friendly and mobile-focused, always with promises that this platform is the best solution for efficiency and the first to (insert overblown marketing assertion here).

But FatFractal’s pitch caught our eye because its promise was different and imminently practical. Among other claims, this company promises to be the stack with the lowest price. Period.

Of course, FatFractal offers other amenities, as well: declarative security, custom code, native code support for mobile devices and tablets, an events model, no boilerplates. The founders also wanted to build an engine-based platform for dynamic scaling, a platform that would support any and all languages and infrastructures. Also, a company rep told VentureBeat via email, “They liked developing on local machines and insisted on deploying to the cloud without reconfiguration.”

Still, we’ve read similar statements from every PaaS/BaaS startup. The price was what struck us this time.

During FatFractal’s public beta, its Silver Tier services are free of charge. Can’t beat free. Once the public beta ends and/or other tiers are needed, services range up to $400 per month for unlimited domains, 25 million API calls, 30GB of storage, 25GB of outgoing bandwidth, and unlimited incoming bandwidth.

For comparison, the same figures on Parse would push you into the Enterprise tier (you’d have to work directly with Parse’s salespeople on pricing). And 25 million API calls on StackMob would run you $3,000 per month. With Kinvey, you’d hit the $400 monthly figure at around 14,000 users for your app.

Granted, the offerings and services aren’t exactly equivalent, but if FatFractal sticks around, it’ll be interesting to see how its pricing fares in the ever-expanding marketplace of mobile app development tools.

Top image courtesy of olly, Shutterstock