Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange (FBX), a new advertising system the social network announced in June, is coming out of beta today.

A slew of partners from the pilot phase of Ad Exchange have stepped forward to report on results. TellApart, a markteing firm, stated in a release, “Every one of our clients on the exchange has seen a 10-20x return on investment” from the new ads.

Triggit, an ad retargeting company, blogged about some data from the beta period that showed FBX was “one of the biggest bargains of the next five years,” including a doubled click-through conversion rate and an 18-30 percent increase in FBX conversion when compared to a control group of users.

And media company Xaxis stated, “Prior to today‚Äôs launch, Xaxis participated in the both the alpha and beta trials of FBX, running campaigns on behalf of several Fortune 1000 clients and achieving positive results via FBX inventory.

“For example, a well-known quick service restaurant (QSR) worked with Xaxis to drive new orders while also lowering its cost-per-order (CPO) rate by an average of 22 percent versus similar campaigns run without tapping FBX inventory.”

In a nutshell, Facebook Exchange lets advertisers display more highly targeted ads using the browsing history of individual Facebook users and allows them to bid in real time on specific impressions. For example, a media buyer could bid to have a Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ad shown to people who “Like” the Toddlers and Tiaras Facebook page, and they can run the ad during the time Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is being aired.

Still, not every early partner for FBX showed glowing results. For most clients, TellAll noted, click-through rates on these FBX ads have been comparable to other ads and haven’t resulted in higher total purchase prices.

Top image courtesy of Sergej Khakimullin, Shutterstock