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Fab.com, one of the world’s most popular flash-sale retail sites, has just announced a new “Fab Europe” hub for its operations on the continent, integrating fully to the North American platform and introducing a raft of new social shopping features plus fully mobile versions in the next couple of weeks.

Previously only operating in Germany (and in the German language) as Fab.de, today saw the online retailer launch eu.fab.com, a full-blown European site specifically targeted for the EU market. In a mailout to European customers Fab announced: “A few seconds ago, we expanded Fab in Europe to include all the features and benefits that Fab has seen in the States to make it the leading social shopping platform.”

The move follows Fab.com’s acquisition of Casacanda.de in February of this year – a move which gave the company a tactical entry-point into Europe. Since then, it has acquired Llustre in the UK and has seen its European base grow to a reported two million users. It will now serve 24 European countires.

Previously running on the Casacanda platform, the new Fab Europe site has been switched to operate fully on Fab’s Social Commerce Platform, meaning that from today it will feature the same social shopping benefits as North America, such as full Facebook integration, a live feed of best-selling items, new product pickers – in fact, a reported 500 new features.

Moreover, the move to the full Fab.com platform signals a new mobile rollout in the coming weeks too. European customers are promised iPhone, iPad and Android compatible services within the fortnight.

Fab Europe’s 200-strong team will continue to run out of Berlin. Former Casacanda CEO 23-year-old Roman Kirsch, who became Fab.de co-founder and CEO, is now Senior Vice President for Fab.com Continental Europe.

Earlier this year, Rocket Internet’s Fab copycat Bamarang closed its doors as the company decided to focus its energies on slightly more traditional stylings of Westwing.com instead. Fab.com raised a further $105 million, in a round led by Atomico – Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom’s international venture firm – in July this year. The deal valued the company at between $600 million and $700 million and brings the total invested to $156m.

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