Here’s a parody video sketch from Matthew Fredrick, who goes by the stage name Matthias. The video shows what happens when Siri gets upset about its owner’s dating habits. The owner gets upset with Siri and threatens to shut it down, and, thanks to the features such as backup and parental controls, he can’t shut it down.

“What inspired me was the fear that a lot of people have this day and age that technology will one day have a mind of its own,” Fredrick said in an email to VentureBeat. “It is a play on that idea because most of the time these fears became much more prominent with the creation of Siri, regardless of how ‘intelligent’ Siri actually is.”

It is, of course, a fictionalized video of how Siri works. The Matthiasiam channel has more than 10,000 subscribers and 4.5 million plays. Another video features Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe, played with only iPhone sounds. Fredrick does acting, directing, singing, etc. His main forum is YouTube, which he sees as the public’s main form of entertainment and information in the future.