The Sorapot, by industrial designer Joey Roth

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In a world of software and code, there are still entrepreneurs who make physical goods. Industrial designer Joey Roth creates unique products in his Pasadena studio and sells them online and in boutique design stores.

Ceramic speakers by Joey Roth, industrial designerHis first hit product was the Sorapot, a unique take on the teapot that’s made out of stainless steel and Pyrex (shown above). He’s gone on to make wood, cork, and hand-thrown ceramic speakers, as well as a compass and a self-watering planter.

Roth got into industrial design after studying creative writing at Swarthmore college. He switched to a field where he thought he could have a larger contribution and still be creative. Roth believes in making carefully thought-out and long-lasting products that are more than just mass-produced items.

We visited Roth’s studio to talk about his process, learning how to turn an idea into a manufactured product and selling it, how he turned a passion into a business, working with startups and more. See below for our original video.