We’ve already seen that older versions of iPads hit the auction block at re-sale sites when new versions are rumored, and true to form, iPad resales are way up at resellers such as Gazelle.

But this time it’s not just iPads.

Sure, gadget reseller Glyde has noticed a 67% increase in iPad 2 inquiries, and its listings are up 10% for iPads of all flavors. But it’s also seen a big jump — in fact, a much bigger jump — in Nexus 7 tablets and tablets of all other flavors.

Nexus 7 tablet listings are up 300 percent at Glyde, and all other tablets are up 35 percent, which indicates, according to Glyde, that consumers in general — including those who are not currently iPad owners — are interested in the iPad Mini.

Potentially, that means that there’s a significant number of people who did not buy iPad because they wanted a smaller, more portable size … but might now be convinced to get an Apple product. Of course, given that Google has announced its own October event to announce new tablets and phones, people could change their minds.

One thing: if you’re looking to sell, sell quickly. Glyde, as other reseller sites, sees a big bump after new product announcements. In March, after the iPad 3 announcement, the company had an immediate 55 percent increase in listings. That bump in inventory will mean a tougher sale.

Here’s what you can hope to get for your iPad:

Above: iPad resale prices

Image Credit: Glyde

photo credit: rofi via photopin cc