Cupertino posted Apple’s newest plans for its massive new campus to the city’s website today.

The project has been delayed due to Apple’s most recent changes making it to the city only last week, two months later than expected. As we reported earlier today, that could push construction back a year — and move-in until 2016 — as the city needs to complete an environmental assessment before approving the plans.

While not much has obviously changed since campus photos came to light, the new plans spell out in detail Apple’s vision for the signature main building, with 2.8 million square feet of office space for 12,000 employees, an on-site restaurant, and separate structures for a 100,000 square foot fitness center and a 1000-person auditorium in yet another 120,000 square foot building.

A second phase of construction will see the building of two office and research facilities, each of about 300,000 square feet, for another 2,200 employees.

Above: A map of Apple’s new campus

Image Credit: City of Cupertino

In total, although Apple is adding about 20 percent more square footage than exists on the former HP campus, Apple’s plans state that “the efficient use of the main site will result in almost tripling the landscaped area,” mostly by replacing parking lots with underground and multi-story parking structures.

The on-site restaurant will consist of a 60,000 square foot facility on the ground level with seating for up to 2,100 employees, plus 20,000 square feet on a mezzanine level to seat 600 more. In addition, Apple’s new campus will incorporate outdoor dining space for yet another 1,750 people.

In addition, Apple is committing to use 100 percent renewable energy for the entire campus, with on-site generation from solar panels and fuel cells, and will provide 300 electric vehicle charging stations, with the capacity to add more over time.

Image credits: Apple/City of Cupertino