main-imageIf you’re thinking of launching an app this year, consider making it a New Year’s resolution. And, perhaps, take advantage of Ooomf’s new Launch This Year: a personalized step-by-step guide to making it happen.

Launch This Year opened up today, and VentureBeat has 2,000 special invite codes to give away. More on that at the bottom of this post.

Ooomf is an online app discovery platform that also helps app developers make and find users for their apps. Now the company is taking the next logical step: a social step-by-step guide to helping budding entrepreneurs make their mobile development dreams a reality.

“There’s a big problem in mobile,” Ooomf CEO Mikael Cho told me last week. “4,000 new apps are launched every single day. Our goal is to empower the next generation of creators who are interested in building mobile apps … and help them make a sustainable mobile business.”

So Ooomf, which graduated from the FounderFuel accelerator in May 2012 and raised $500,000 in seed funding last year, is planning on providing all the tools developers need not just to build their apps, but also to make money from them.

homepageLaunch This Year is a guide and resource kit that includes a launch website, a sign-up page, a press kit, and tools to manage your first users and testers. The site will also put you in a cohort of developers, so you’ve got a virtual team to turn to for help and encouragement. And the site will help with the app store submission process and give you analytics for your app.

“It’s like a personal trainer for the app store,” Cho says. “You pick a day that you want to launch, and we’ll give you a guaranteed step-by-step guide to launching. And if you’re falling behind, we’ll let you know.

In a way, it’s like Codecademy, except that instead of learning to code, you’re learning to build a mobile business. Cho says there are many developers who have built three to four apps that can then sustain a living for them, but there are many more who are capable of building apps and have not yet.

In addition, Launch This Year allows developers to build a community of users who participate in the development of the app — a core Ooomf competency. Not sure which icon to use? Ask the user community you’ve built with Ooomf’s tools. Wondering if the user interface should include custom gestures? See what actual users think.

Perhaps the best part is positive peer pressure:

“You’ll see other people moving along and see things that they’ve achieved,” Cho says. “Which will make you think that other people are doing this and that and oh, I should catch up!”

Invite code for early access:

The site is open for initial users right now, but you’ll need an invite code. Use “venturebeat” to get immediate access.

Image credit: Ooomf