inaugurationFour years ago today, I was standing on the roof of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, watching Obama get sworn in with a sharp shooter standing to my right and a breakfast buffet to my left. Later that evening, I dressed up in full Civil War era regalia as a volunteer at the Lincoln inaugural ball. Needless to say, writing funding news was a slightly less exciting way to spend Inauguration Day this year. But only slightly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to look at more pictures of Michelle Obama’s new bangs.

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Cellrox treats employee multiple phone personality disorder  

Cellrox has raised $4.7 million to keep our business selves, our personal selves, and any other selves we may have, separate. The Israeli company has developed virtualization technology for smart phones that enables two or more “individual, completely independent, and secure personas to coexist seamlessly on one device.” Its “ThinVisor” erects a virtual wall between an employee’s applications and corporate applications, which eliminates the need for multiple devices and also helps maintains a clear dividing line between personal and professional activities. The financing, led by Runa Capital with commitments from existing investor Previz Venture Partners and  Columbia Technology Ventures, will go toward forming partnerships with equipment manufactures (OEMs) and operators to spread the product’s reach. Read more on VentureBeat.

Dollars for dongles: European version of Square closes round

Payleven is a payments startup based in Germany that turns mobile devices into point-of-sale terminals through the use of a dongle. A dongle, for those of you who may be out of the lingo loop, is a small piece of hardware that plugs into a device, and Payleven’s enable credit card transactions. Square is the most well-known first startup to send the dongle to the soaring heights of popularity it now enjoys. Payleven is applying similar technology and business models to the European market. For this, it has raised a vague “high single-digit USD million funding” from a mysterious, new, unnamed investor. Previous investors New Enterprise Associates, Holtzbrinck Ventures, ru-Net, and Rocket Internet also contributed to this round. Read more on VentureBeat.

Marketing analytics startup Adometry lands $8M from Shasta Ventures

Adometry, a startup that generates analytics to get a better return on advertising, has raised a $8 million round of funding, the company announced today. Adometry tracks multiple sets of data across different ad channels (TV, web display ads, email, print, etc.) and provides analytics to show exactly where you’re actually getting the most effect. Clients can then adjust their advertising budgets accordingly to avoid paying for advertising that isn’t working, and spend more on ads that are. The startup said it plans to use the new capital to advance its product roadmap, hire more people, and expand into new markets. The new round was led by Shasta Ventures with participation from Austin Ventures and Sierra Ventures. Read more on VentureBeat. 

Modern Guild tests waters of online career coaching

After college, I was so clueless as to what to do, I applied to spend two and a half years living alone in a rural village. For those less impulsive and more practical, modern guild provides career counseling (but no capitalization). modern guild is an online career coach for college and college-bound students. In December 2012, the company initiated a 100-student, 10-campus pilot program and today is announcing the closure of a $500K seed round to address “the fundamental disconnect between college academics and career education.” The money will be used to scale the platform to accommodate around 2,000 students this year. Investors include Jawbone cofounder Alex Asseily and Shawn Sabin, the founder of Accent Mandarin.

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