GoDaddy Super Bowl CommercialSuper Bowl XLVII is in the books, and so is the $7.6 million that companies spent for just 30 or 60 precious seconds of your time during the game.

But who won? New York-based Whispr Group, a social media intelligence agency, crunched the numbers.

GoDaddy’s sexy-meets-smart kissmercial had the most tweets — 290,000 — but the least positive sentiment at only 14 percent. In other words, lots of people thought that Bar Rafaeli kissing a pudgy, bespectacled not-quite-Greek-god for 20 long seconds was gross, inappropriate, or just plain awkward.

(Apparently character actor Jesse Haiman, who was the recipient of the kiss, thought that he won the “championship of men” in getting to do the ad — it took 45 takes. Now you know why it was shot from the waist up.)

Interestingly, Calvin Klein, which spent half as much as Taco Bell and Budweiser, scored 161,000 tweets, almost as much as the two other brands. Unfortunately, something came between the audience and their Calvins, however, as positive sentiment was only 60 percent, compared to Budweiser’s 70 percent and Taco Bell’s 80 percent.

Taco Bell scored the highest number of new Twitter followers, at 10,000, while @chrysler persuaded only a tenth that number to follow its Twitter feed — the same number as @godaddy.

For every seven tweets about the game, two were about the ads, revealing once and for all that the Super Bowl is as much spectacle as football. And revealing a winner in the brand retweet contest, with 397 retweets and 137 favorites.

The winner? Taco Bell:

Here’s the infographic:


Image credit: Go Daddy