keaCorporate wellness company Keas is doing pretty well itself.

Today, it jogged out its new 360/365 platform that seeks to keep employees engaged with their physical well-being at all times.

Keas is used by businesses to create and manage their workplace health programs. The system promotes healthy behavior and teamwork by rewarding people for achieving simple exercise and nutrition goals through games and social motivation.

The latest product update seeks to take a comprehensive and personalized approach to workplace wellness. Upon signing up, employees take a health risk assessment to generate a detailed user profile. The technology then generates custom goals, objectives, and recommendations accordingly. As for the 365 component, Keas seeks to be an integrated part of an overall healthy lifestyle, even away from the office. It provides games, fitness challenges, and educational content that are accessible on multiple channels.

Unhealthy habits can lead to lower productivity as well as higher health costs, so it is in the enterprise’s best interest to promote wellness programs. Accordingly, Keas doubled its customer base in the fourth quarter of last year and increased registered users by 282%. Keas clients include Pfizer, SalesForce, Reed Elsevier, British Telecom, and The Cheesecake Factory, where I can only imagine the most significant challenge is to refrain from excessive consumption of cheesecake.

In addition to announcing record growth and its ramped up platform, Keas also formally introduced Josh Stevens as its new CEO. Stevens previously worked at YouSendIt, TicketsNow, AOL, and Time Warner and has experience in both the consumer and the enterprise space.

Keas was founded by former Google Health leader Adam Bosworth to promote corporate wellness in 2008. It has raised $17.5 million in institutional funding from Ignition Partners and Atlas Venture. The company is based in San Francisco, while its namesake the Kea parrot, resides in New Zealand.