Salesforce-owned productivity app has partnered with big-name services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Harvest to improve its offerings and build an even-better app to help teams accomplish tasks.

“A lot of our customers don’t have a dedicated IT person,” Do cofounder Amit Kulkarni told VentureBeat. “These are small groups without a lot of resources. We want to make this easier for them.”

Do offers a productivity service for small and medium-sized businesses, with tools such as task management, project tracking, note-taking, and contact sheets. Known as Manymoon before Salesforce bought it, Do launched in November 2011 and has since attracted 100,000 customers and offers apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

Now the service will go further to help existing customers and to attract new ones. Integrating the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, and Harvest adds way more functionality to Do. It smartly labels its initiative to add new apps to its stable as “Do More.”

“The main reason we’re doing these specific integrations is because these are the apps our customers have been asking for,” Kulkarni said. “Our customers tell us they use a lot of different data sources.”

Here are the apps that now work with

  • Dropbox and Google Drive: You can now attach Dropbox and Drive files to tasks, and with one click, you can send files to your customers from inside Do.
  • Harvest: This ideally will make your time-tracking less painful. Just click on the stopwatch on a specific Do task to log hours for a customer.
  • Wufoo: You use this to engage with prospects and customers using online forms. You can set it up so that when a form is filled out and submitted, it automatically attaches itself to a task.
  • Contactually: It automatically creates Do contacts for people and prospects you want to interact with via email.
  • The app from Salesforce helps you handle customer service issues quickly and collaboratively, so now your help desk can be assigned Desk issues as Do tasks.
  • Track sales and opportunities from your Salesforce data with Do.
  • Fancy Hands: Acts as a personal assistant inside Do. (This is being tested now and will be fully added at a later date.

Check out the slides below for a better look at how these integrations look inside Do: