medium_5525677854Facebook announced an updated software development kit for iPhone and iPad developers today.

The new SDK adds better mobile analytics that will help developers get metrics on sharing events and actual usage: what people are actually doing in their apps. In addition, the new tools will enable conversion logging from ads running in Facebook-connected iOS apps, and — currently in beta — logging of in-app purchases. Both of which, of course, will help Facebook-connected apps monetize better.

In addition, the new Facebook SDK adds better — and simpler — error handling.

“The SDK will now automatically categorize errors by common application handling behavior and provide helpers to simplify some common error response cases,” Facebook engineer Jason Clark posted today. “In addition, the SDK will automatically handle a larger number of error cases including various iOS 6 cases such as password changes and expired tokens.”

It sounds like developers who have heard about the update are happy, so far, as the update is solving annoying problems. One, Jack Tihon from Endorse, said “It’s about time. I was living in a world of pain trying to unstick users with expired tokens due to various reasons (change password, sign out of devices, etc.”

With better tracking and analytics capabilities, the new SDK is almost starting to impinge on some of the functions of dedicated app analytics solutions like App Annie and Flurry, but of course in a purely Facebook-focused manner.

The update also includes bugfixes, is backwards compatible, and is available here.

photo credit: Steel Wool via photopin cc