New TV

Digital TV show guide Dijit is teaming up with Watchwith to provide users with a way to sync up their viewing habits with a set of new second screen experiences, the companies announced today.

Basically, the partnership means that people who find programming on Dijit’s NextGuide app will now have the ability to pull information from Watchwith when they start a show. So basically, whenever you pop on a show like “Monk” on your TV, your screen will now offer tons of factoids, polls, and other information related about the show itself on your iPad– and you won’ have to start from the beginning of the show.

The move should enhance live television viewing, while also providing a way to find out more about the show you’re watching without having to navigate through Wikipedia and IMDb.

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“The industry is recognizing that programmers hold the keys to high-value, advertiser friendly, premium content experiences, and that consumer experiences like NextGuide are important for reach and scale,” said Watchwith CEO Zane Vella in a statement.

The new “sync-to-broadcast” feature will be available to shows from FOX, USA Networks, and a handful of other cable and broadcast shows.

The new partnership is the latest in a string of moves by Dijit to enhance its service as an essential companion for people watching TV. The company also recently acquired TV check-in service Miso as well.