Indoor location data may just save your life.

Guardly, which creates mobile public safety infrastructure, has launched its Indoor Positioning System, which shows why the great indoors is the next frontier for emergency response.

“We joke about it, but accurate location is like the Holy Grail of emergency response,” Guardly CEO Josh Sookman told me.

guardly-dashboardUnlike with landline phones, which are attached to physical locations, emergency calls made via cell phones are a lot harder to track down, especially when people make them from large locations or are moving around.

Guardly, however, fixes that problem by using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data, which its software uses to triangulate a caller’s exact location in real time. That’s a big deal in, say, a huge office building, where it could take time for response teams to find where a mobile call is coming from. (It also works well in places like parking garages and elevators, which often have dead zones.)

Beyond large buildings, Sookman says that Guardly has some pretty obvious applications for places like college campuses, stadiums, and even transit systems. Beyond that, however, Guardly is still taking its time. “We’re starting to have conversations with municipalities, but we’re not there yet ” he said.