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Spreadsheets are the awkward, unpopular Mary Katherine Gallaghers of software. A new app, Permanent, turns them into superstars.

Permanent is a tablet app for spreadsheets. In a world where more of us are carrying our work in trendy cross-body bags and completing small tasks while on the train or waiting in line, touch-friendly spreadsheet software for tablets seems like a no-brainer.

Yet Google Drive and similar mobile apps give us plenty of spreadsheet-related headaches to this day. And we get that; spreadsheets aren’t sexy. No one ever got a big tech blog writeup for their awesome work on spreadsheets, right?

This is why Permanent is so remarkable. It takes something unsexy and makes it glamorous to look at and pleasurable to use.

As Tweetie and Letterpress creator Loren Brichter tweeted of the new app, “When thought through, touch can be so much more powerful than keyboard/mouse. This embodies that spirit.”

These new spreadsheets are touch-optimized. They support scripting and have tons of undo/redo options. The app can handle big, database-size sheets, and you can write and use formulas to your heart’s content. Upcoming releases will also import and export spreadsheets to and from the more common file formats, including Excel, CSV, and ODF.

Permanent is starting on iPad. Right now, it’s selling for $10, a 50 percent discount for its planned $20 price.

Here are some screenshots for ya:

Permanent is the code-child of developer/designer Kyle Hickinson of Ontario, Canada. He’s been designing iOS apps since 2009. His partner for Permanent is Kevin Lawler, a computer science-focused entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

Top image courtesy of Yuganov Konstantin, Shutterstock