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Non-profits take on lots of different forms, and so, too, can the way you help them raise money.

That’s the idea behind social impact startup ProBueno, which has so far raised $340,000 to offer more ways for people to support their favorite non-profits.

Founded by a bunch of MIT alums, ProBueno allows users to trade their skills for cash, which is in turn donated to any of the 1.2 million non-profits in ProBueno’s system (among them, online learning non-profit Khan Academy). For example, say you’re really good at making mice dioramas. You could offer a custom mice diorama to anyone who gives $20 to, say, the ASPCA. It’s not exactly a donation, but to the charity in question, the money’s all the same.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., ProBueno is supported by cash from Habib Haddad (the CEO of Wamda Capital Fund) and the BeryTech Fund.

Guitar guy: Shutterstock