Web-performance monitoring startup Catchpoint Systems has raised $3.2 million in new funding that will help it better keep an eye on companies’ web services, APIs, DNS, and more.

New York-based Catchpoint was founded in 2008, and its four co-founders all came from web advertising giant Doubleclick after Google acquired it in March 2008. Its service monitors the performance and reliability of various online systems, and it claims to have run nearly three billion tests for more than 100 customers in 2012.

“Think of us sort of like the fire department,” Catchpoint CEO Mehdi Daoudi told VentureBeat. “We don’t put out the fire, but customers use us to detect smoke in the building, and we tell them the right place to put the hose.”

Catchpoint’s biggest competition comes from Compuware-owned Gomez and Keynote Systems. But interestingly enough, Imad Mouline, the former CTO of Gomez and current CTO of Everbridge, is a Catchpoint customer.

“Having the former CTO of Gomez as a customer is a testament to the quality of what we’re providing,” Daoudi said.

The new round of funding was led by Battery Ventures. Prior to today’s infusion, Catchpoint had raised $1.9 million, bringing its new total to $5.1 million. The new funds will go toward hiring new employees, shoring up its marketing efforts, and “three to four” capital-intensive projects.

Catchpoint has 13 employees now, but Daoudi believes the company will be at “20 to 24” people by the end of this year — “if we can find them.”

Young businessman on a ladder in the clouds via ollyy/Shutterstock