Swarmly founder Marco De Nichilo

Swarmly founder Marco De Nichilo has built an app that lets you find out where the hot parties are — simply by seeing where people are, in real time.

It’s a deceptively simple idea: Everyone using the app shows up as a blue dot on a real-time map. Want to know where the crowd is gathering? Fire up the app, look at the map, and watch the little dots move around.

“More than that, we want to map the globe, in real time,” De Nichilo says in the video below.

Swarmly is based in Glasgow, and gives a lot of credit to Entrepreneurial Spark, an incubator in that city. He says the startup scene is really taking off there now.

The technology sector in Scotland is supported by a fine research base, an excellent graduate and university base and an innovative research-pooling approach. There are over 900 Scottish-based enabling technology companies and organisations, including world leaders in many key sectors.

We caught up with De Nichilo at SXSW, where he appeared to be having a great time meeting with potential investors, PR people, and press people. Check out the video below.