General Assembly

Tapping the vast potential of U.K. entrepreneurs and the UK business environment  is General Assembly, a New York-based global education network that last summer opened up its first office in London.

The organization, in partnership with UK Trade & Investment, wants to connect  up entrepreneurial innovation by offering people classes, events, talks, and workshop on topics like  business fundamentals, data analysis digital marketing, mobile & web development, and design. Some of the classes include things like tutorials on how to get better SEO, an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, and even how to break into the digital music industry.

“What makes the U.K. particularly attractive as a tech hub is its strong infrastructure as well as its legacy across multiple industries,” said Matt Cynamon, director of General Assembly Europe. “As a result, the talent being attracted to the entrepreneurship community posses a strong knowledge base in fields like finance, fashion, media, advertising, and design.

“The combination of this rich history of talent, decreasing barriers to entry in technology, and the UK’s international diversity, make it ideal for the creation and emergence of new businesses,” he said.

General Assembly’s main goal is to break the current model of education by offering people less of a prix fixe menu and more of a buffet that allows you to put whatever you want on a platter.

Cynamon said in the U.K. office’s first year alone, it’s taught over 300 classes, turned over 100 skilled practitioners into teachers, and launched 12 long-form training programs — numbers that the group expects to double in the coming year.

To meet this growing demand for General Assembly’s brand of education, the group is reinvesting in London by opening up a brand new campus. It will also increase its efforts in the U.K. by helping both startups and big companies connect with General Assembly graduates.

The group is also launching its first truly global program March 25, according to Cynamon. The program itself involves a 12-week, all-day web development program that will take a group of 60 complete novices from New York, San Francisco, and London and transform them into full-fledged, junior level web developers.

Ease of doing business is a key  element of the UK Government’s regulatory and policy frameworks. The UK’s business friendly environment combined with the support available from UK Trade & Investment ensures that if you are planning to enter the UK and European market you will be able to get your business up and running quickly and easily.

“We plan on repeating the program regularly and growing it to include locations like Berlin, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Los Angeles,” Cynamon said. “Our ambition is to meet the increasing demand for quality web developers in the U.K. as well as across the globe.”

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Image via General Assembly