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When it comes to mobile, a lot of companies are biting off more than they can chew.

That’s according to the findings of the “2013 Mobile Strategy and Sophistication Study,” report we’ve just recently published with Econsultancy. In it, we learned about the market’s readiness to succeed in mobile, as well as the main drivers of success. Through all the incredibly insightful data, here are a few data points in particular that hit home:

  • 75% of you don’t have a solid mobile strategy that extends beyond 2013
  • 72% of you don’t have a concrete plan to measure your mobile app and marketing efforts
  • Still, 67% of you plan to spend more on your mobile efforts this year

Do these figures make you nervous? How prepared are you for mobile success? Well, since 75% of you self-reported that you’re likely not prepared (and another 20% are just really optimistic), we decided it was time for a change.

What exactly are we changing? Simply put, we feel “analytics” doesn’t cut it anymore. Not in a market as early, undefined and potentially lucrative (but extremely expensive if not executed properly) as mobile.

It’s a whole new world–a new domain with new rules, new customer behavior, new challenges, new business questions, new metrics and new opportunities. All of this adds up to a whole new opportunity for businesses like yours to start using mobile customer data to build truly incredible customer experiences and engage your customers in an entirely new way.

Here at Kontagent, we strongly believe that, with these new platforms and new ways to interact with your brand, it takes more than just analytics to understand your customers. It takes mobile customer intelligence.

Mobile customer intelligence goes where traditional analytics won’t. It’s part mobile analytics, part data science consultation, and part just knowing what questions to ask and getting the right answers.

Here’s a checklist that shows the big differences:


The big issue we see with traditional analytics vendors is that they aren’t answering the right questions for businesses looking to succeed in mobile. Remember, 75% of businesses today don’t have a long-term mobile plan, and 75% don’t report on specific mobile KPIs. It’s as if the market is having this conversation:

MOBILE BUSINESS: How can I use data to help me understand my mobile business and create a really engaging customer experience that drives value?


It’s just the wrong answer to a very important question.

Mobile customer intelligence is an entirely new category that’s been built from the ground up to support the needs of enterprise brands who recognize the need to use data, but aren’t quite sure where to begin. It’s a comprehensive solution that combines the power of an industry-leading data intelligence platform with domain and data science expertise (people), and a proven process that helps organizations become more data-driven and prepared to succeed in a new domain with very little precedent.

So, how prepared are you?

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