smit-chuck is making it easier for people to find and plan things to do by filling up empty calendar slots with activities and events based on preference selections from your calendar.

The site enables you to connect your Google calendar to receive recommendations determined by how you’ve spent your time in the past. uses a learning algorithm based on calendar information to build your profile to give suggestions for upcoming events.

When you sign up for the site, it prompts you to connect either Google or Facebook accounts. Then you may take a survey so that SpotOn.It gets a better idea of activities that you would want attend. Events like wine tasting, 5 K runs, or museum openings will appear on the dashboard, and you can follow community members with similar interests and create wish lists for events or ideas before they are on your calendar.

“The biggest service we provide people is helping them discover things in new ways,” said cofounder Smita Saxena.

Tailored recommendations go out to users as calendar invites, and as they accept or decline, the better the recommendations become based on user preference. is currently only available on the web, but the company is releasing their mobile applications for iOS and Android in early June.

The site was approaching over 1,000 signups just one hour after launching, and it has already received multiple requests to be available in other cities, specifically Los Angeles. is already available in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York and Austin.

Silicon Valley-based was founded in July and closed its seed round of funding last year. The founders, Smita Saxena and Charles Feng, are alums of StartX, Stanford’s student startup accelerator with strong backgrounds in machine learning.

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