toronto CN towerJunket alert!

The Ontario ministry of economic development has invited VentureBeat to check out the center of the universe, AKA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And I’m the lucky guinea pig.

We’ll be in Toronto from Monday to Friday this week, checking out startups like Hubba, WattPad, and Fixmo, and talking to local venture capitalists as well as angel investors. In addition, we’ll be getting an intro to quantum computing at the University of Waterloo and taking a tour of Google’s Waterloo facility, where Googlers work on Android and Chrome technology.

I’ll also be at Extreme Startups, an accelerator in Toronto that has a cohort of startups just in the middle of their program.

In between, however, it’d be great to meet a few other founders for coffee, dinner, or drinks. Or just to say hello and put a face to an email address.

Best place to get in touch with me is Twitter: @johnkoetsier.

Let’s chat!

photo credit: wvs via photopin cc